The K-W Badminton Club encourages badminton for students through our special discount program. We want to make our dedicated facility available to middle schools, high schools, and private schools for badminton instruction.

The base rate is $5 per student, for one day or booking. But, we have a discount program that can reduce the price for schools to as low as $2.50/student/visit. Schools may pre-book our facility for any of their registered students and coaches/staff. The following rates apply (pre-payment required):

  • $5 for pay-and-play arrivals (guest fees collected by group supervisor and submitted to the club on arrival)
  • 10 student visits ($4.00/student): $40 (plus HST)
  • 25 student visits ($3.50/student): $87.50 (plus HST)
  • 50+ student visits ($2.50/student): $125 (plus HST)

The following time slots are available for bookings by schools:

  • Monday and Friday: 3:00 – 5:00 pm – 4 courts available
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 3:00- 5:30 pm – 4 courts available
  • Wednesday: 3:00 – 5:00 pm – 3 courts available
  • Wednesday and Friday: 9am to noon, 5 courts available (6 courts occasionally available with advance approval)

Details of our school discount program:

  • Groups must have one teacher or administrator, who is a member of the K-W Badminton Club with key access, to supervise students and open the club. No K-W Badminton Club administration staff are present for school programming. The group organizer is responsible for students and ensuring payment in advance.
  • Payment in full is required in advance of the booking/arrival.
  • Example #1: a school has 8 students in a badminton program, and want to run weekly sessions for one month. Hence, they need 8 (students) * 4 (weeks) = 32 visits, @ $3.50/visit = $112 (plus HST). They book their times in advance with the club, and payment is made in full prior to their visits. Based on 8 students, the school would be allowed to use up to two badminton courts. Additional last minute students would be $3.50/student, paid on arrival, but additional courts for that purpose are not guaranteed.
  • Example #2: a school has 20 students, and wants to come once a month for 6 months. Cost: 20 * 6 * 2.50 = $300. The school would get 5 courts for their dedicated use (limited days/timeslots for 5 courts).
  • Example #3: A school has 12 students, and wants to run a single session (3 courts). The prepaid cost would be 4 * $12 = $48.
  • Group organizers must pre arrange court bookings with our administrative staff, by e-mailing us:

Prefer to rent by the court? We also rent 3 to 6 courts at a time, for an hourly rate. Click here for details.