NEW RATES for 2017 !!! Prices for full year memberships include HST; Social and Volunteer Fees.

Introductory Adult, Introductory Family Memberships and 4 Month Student Memberships run for four months.  All other memberships run for one full year.

Membership Fees are comprised of three parts:

  • Base Fee plus HST
  • Social Fund Fee
  • Volunteer Fee

Please Note: the club accepts CASH and CHEQUES only.

Full Membership $451.17 Complete membership and unrestricted play any day courts are not booked for specific purpose (eg. Ladders, Tournaments, Rentals)
Family Membership $913.09 Provides membership to two adults and any number of children under the age of 19 years
Student of Family Membership $127 Reserved for student members 19-24 years of age who are attending a university or college full-time and included on their Family Membership
Junior Membership $178.86 Reserved for members under 19 year of age
Senior Membership $409.65 Reserved for members 65 years of age and over
Limited Membership $346.76 Reserved for members who play only on weekdays from 9:00am-4:00pm
Student Membership $396.59 Reserved for members who are attending a university or college full-time
Student Membership 4-month $136.35 Reserved for members who are attending a university or college full-time

Additional discounts that apply ONLY to members paying a Full or Senior Membership: All prices include HST, Social, and Volunteer Fee.

  • Couples Discount -20%
  • Out of Town Discount (40+ km- one way) -25%
4 Month Adult Membership $178.16
4 Month Family Membership $110/Adult + $49/Junior 
The Social Fund subsidizes special events and members-only tournaments hosted by the club for both Junior and Adult members

  • Adult Social Fund Fee – $12
  • Junior Social Fund Fee – $8
  • Family Social Fund Fee – $30
As with many other volunteer-run clubs, the K-W Badminton Club collects a Volunteer Fee for each adult:

  • 4 Month Introductory Adult, Family and Student Memberships – $17
  • All Adult yearly memberships – $50

For more information about how to volunteer, and a description of how these fees are used and reimbursed, see Volunteering at the Club in the KWBC Membership Guide

Guests are welcome during any of our open hours.  Please carry in clean, indoor-only court or gym shoes and note that we accept cash or cheque only.

  • Adult – $14
  • Student – $10
  • Pickleball – $5

Those guests who take out a membership may have one guest fee credited toward their membership fee.  The start date of membership will be the day the guest fee was paid.

See our Pickleball page for coupon pricing for Pickleball only.


Schools may book limited times for group bookings, as low as $2.50/student. Click here for details.


Court Rental –   6 Courts $81.25 + HST / hour

5 Courts $75 + HST / hour

4 Courts $62.50 + HST / hour

3 Courts $50 + HST / hour

An extra $20 per hour will be charged when staff are required to open and supervise the club.