It is important to understand that, like any sport, badminton is a game where injuries are a possibility.  You are responsible for taking precautions (for example: stretching before and after playing, warming up before play, wearing safety goggles, dry mopping your court before use) to minimize risks.  The Ontario Badminton Association provides group insurance coverage only to those members who have purchased a Badminton Ontario Tournament Player Card.

Due to anaphylactic allergies and sensitivities of some members, we ask that you refrain from bringing in nuts or nut products and from using perfumes and other scented products.

If you are the last member to leave the club, you are responsible for turning off all lights and ensuring the front door is locked.   Emergency numbers are posted by the telephone should something require immediate attention


The K-W Badminton Club works hard to maintain a friendly, tolerant, clean and safe environment that is fun for everyone.  We rely on all users doing their part to help keep our club neat, clean and running smoothly.  .When you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to approach the front desk staff or any member of the Board of Directors.

Outdoor Footwear: Plastic mats and shelving are provided at the entrance for outdoor footwear.  There is also plastic bags provided to carry your outdoor footwear into the club and store in the change rooms. Please help keep our floors clean for players court shoes.

Membership Card: Members are required to scan their card at the front desk immediately upon every arrival.

Guests: Guests are welcome to drop in during Open Play, Prime Time (adults only) and Ladders, or come in to play with a current member of the club.  Guest fees apply.

Guest Passes: All members may request two guest passes per year to introduce first time guests to the club.

Showers and lockers: Members and guests may use showers and lockers.  You are responsible for bringing your own towels and lock.

Lounge Areas: The lounge areas are shared areas for all members, so please keep them clean. Shoe racks, coat racks, recycling blue boxes, and garbage cans are available. There is a television for personal viewing and a second TV for watching online professional badminton matches. A ping pong table is available for play while waiting for courts.

Sports injuries at the club:


The K-W Badminton club has limited Sports Injury Insurance available to members and guests who are injured while playing in our badminton facility. This insurance is provided as part of our membership in the Western Ontario Badminton Association (WOBA). Details about the insurance coverage are available in the Sports Injury Binder located on the fireplace mantel near the front desk, including claims forms. Claimants are responsible for completing their own forms and making the claims themselves to the insurer. Claim requirements include:

  • Incident recorded at the club in the Sports Injury Binder
  • Claim submitted to the insurer within 30 days of the incident
  • Claims require a form completed by a physician, at the claimant’s expense
  • Signed and witnessed by a club representative


Dress Code: Appropriate gym clothing is required. No jeans please.

Footwear: Non-marking (no black soles) indoor-only court or athletic shoes that are carried in (not worn in from the car) are required when playing on the courts.  Sandals, hiking shoes, bare feet or socks-only are not permitted.

Safety Eye Wear: It is mandatory for all players under 18 years of age to wear safety goggles meeting ASTM F803 standards  when entering the courts for badminton, regardless of event type.  It is highly recommended for adults too.

Head Gear: Only sweatbands or headgear required for religious or medical reasons will be permitted.

Sharing Court Space: There are no court fees, nor reservations for courts.  A sign-up board is used to facilitate 25 minute court rotations.  When the club is busy, the courts are restricted to Doubles play only, except during designated Singles time.  Games follow the 21-point rally point system.

Two courts are reserved for Singles Play on Sundays 7:00 – 10:00 pm, and on Thursdays after Ladder games are complete.  At other times, games of Singles can be played when there are no other members waiting for court space.

Crossing Behind Courts:  It is a common courtesy, and safety precaution, when passing behind courts to wait between courts until the point played is complete.  Players should pass behind the court quickly and in single file close to the wall with their group so as to not disrupt the flow of play.

Shuttlecocks: The cost of shuttlecocks is an expense that must be endured when playing friendly and competitive games.  It is a general courtesy to split the cost of the shuttlecocks between all players. Feather and nylon shuttlecocks may be purchased from the club pro shop.

Keeping Courts Clean:  Only closed bottled drinks are allowed on court; food and canned drinks are not permitted.   Dust mops are provided to wipe the surface of the court and smaller brooms are to mop up debris into the garbage can.  It is recommended that you mop your court before your matches to avoid any accidents from debris left on the court.

See the KWBC Membership Guide for more details about the club.


The K-W Badminton Club is committed to the safety of members, staff and volunteers. The following policies are Board approved and sanctioned for the K-W Badminton Club:

Concussion Policy

Harassment Policy

Volunteer Policy