Trying to figure when you can play at the club, on some particular day of the week? It can get confusing! We are a very active and busy club, with many programs and members that all want the courts. We try our best to accommodate all the demand for our courts, and the schedule below should help you understand when you can generally play or use the courts.

Below this calendar, we describe each of the court time slots, and what they mean. If you have questions about this, please contact our staff. In addition, we have a court-based view as a PDF file, that is a bit easier to use: Court weekly booking schedule – Court hours.

How to view and use this calendar

  • You can turn on and off individual calendars by clicking on the drop arrow in the top right of the main calendar view.
  • You can switch from week, month of agenda view.
  • Click on any specific listing to view details for it.
  • The staff calendar is also displayed above, to help members know when they are at the club for assistance.
  • You can move ahead in the calendar with the controls in the top left.

Other club calendars

Rink pad bookings

We have renovated the 65’x150′ indoor curling pad area in our building. This 10,000 sq. ft. concrete pad is ideal for many sports, and is available for hourly rentals. Click here for more details and to see the booking calendar.

Meeting room bookings

We have renovated the 41’x18′ meeting room space available for hourly rental. Ideal for meetings, and sports such as yoga or martial arts. Click here for more detail and to see the booking calendar.

Explanation of court times


Coaching priority

  • Official coaches of the club (ratified and accepted by our Board only), may book these courts for the purposes of coaching players of all ages.
  • Coaches must book courts 24 hours in advance with our staff (by phone or email), and they pay a fee per court to be allowed to charge for lessons at our club. Lessons are organized and paid for directly by students with our coaches, not the club.
  • Coaches have priority in these time slots, up to the assigned number of courts in the calendar.
  • If not all assigned courts are being used for coaching in this time slot for a given day, it is open play for all ages (key holders and guests only if staff are not present, use the white board to sign up for courts.)
  • No one may provide training or coaching at our club as a fee service or equivalent thereof, without first becoming an approved coach at our club and agreeing to our club’s Coaches Code of Conduct.
  • Coaches may not book courts or provide any formal coaching outside of these time slots, even if courts are empty and available.
  • In the event of conflicts for a scheduled coaching court time, our Head Coach has priority for his/her bookings.

Juniors only

  • Only junior members may play on the courts assigned to this time slot.
  • Singles and doubles allowed (minimum two players per court.) Preference to doubles play, if possible. Training or drills acceptable with a minimum of two players.
  • Adults may not play on the courts, or with the juniors. Juniors have complete priority for these courts.
  • Only in the event that all parents and members present agree, common sense can be used to allow parents to play with or train with juniors. In the event that any juniors show up or want courts, all adults should exit the courts immediately to allow other juniors to play. Adults participating with juniors on this basis will be expected to show good judgement and only play on the courts when needed to help juniors get in games and practice time who otherwise would not (i.e. a junior shows up to play, and there are no other juniors to play with, so they may play with their parent or other adult, until other juniors are available to join in.) Adults may never play without juniors in this time slot.

Juniors and parents

  • This is identical rules to ‘Juniors only’, but parents may play or train with their children on the courts.
  • Minimum of two participants on each court.
  • This exception is intended to accommodate juniors that receive unpaid training from people other than our club’s certified coaches. Typically this would be their parents or relatives, but we expect members and parent to show good judgement and common sense in this regard. This exception should not be used so adults can find more time to play themselves.
  • Note that staffing is not necessarily available during this time slot. Parents should check the staffing schedule carefully, before dropping off their children.

Junior ladder

  • Same as Juniors only, except the junior ladder players have priority over the courts in this time slot.

Adults only, Adult play

  • No junior members may play on courts in these time slots.
  • Double play only, except Thursdays after Adult ladder (up to two courts for singles play).
  • The exception is exceptionally skilled juniors that have been approved by our head coach, and have paid the fee supplement to play in adult time slots.

Adult ladder

  • Same as Adults only, but ladder players have priority.

Open play

  • All ages and members have equal access to the courts in this time slot.
  • Double play only, except on Sundays with two courts allocated for singles from 7pm to 10pm.

Keyholders only

  • During these time slots, there are no staff present and the club is only open to members with keys (see Members Guide for details on acquiring a key.)  They may bring guests or other non-key holding members, but they are responsible for them at all times, and they must leave the club with them.
  • Both adults (as key holders) and juniors (as guests of key holders) may play during these times.
  • Available court times not otherwise marked in the schedule are for key holders only.

General notes

  • Staff are not present during all of these time slots. Check the staffing calendar carefully before coming in.
  • Some time slots are not staffed, but the club is open (i.e. volunteer run programs.) Click the calendar item for details and confirmation.
  • Excluding formal paid coaching, all players must abide by our sign-up board rules outlined in the Members Guide. Maximum 25 minutes on the court.
  • Some court time slots run at the same time as pickleball. Badminton players acknowledge that sometimes the pickleballs may roll onto the court, stopping their play. When possible, an empty ‘buffer’ court will be assigned, but the courts available and assigned to pickleball have priority. Badminton players will have to exercise patience and common sense when playing along with pickleball. All club adult members may participate in the KWPA pickleball programming for free at our club: try it, it’s fun!