The K-W Badminton Club offers a variety of programs geared towards adults at different levels.  Whether you’re brand new to the sport of badminton, looking to pick the sport up after having last played in high school, or looking for training and competition partners, we have coaching programs for everyone!

Adult Novice Programs

Learn the basics of badminton and enjoy the sport that is great for all ages!  We cover the rules, basic strokes, and foot work so that you can play on your own or just sharpen up those skills.  The program is designed to span 4-6 sessions in small groups of 8-12 students.  It’s a great way to meet new members. If you are interested, please email the club and we can add you to our list.

Adult Intermediate Programs

Our intermediate programs are geared towards adults who have been playing for some time but want to add more skills and strategy to their repertoire.  We have various intermediate programs that focus on strokes, footwork, and doubles and singles skills and strategies.  Sessions are usually 4 – 6 lessons in small groups of 8 – 12 students.  This is also a great way to find training partners.

Check back to see when our next session is scheduled and email the club with your interest in this program.

Adult Private Individual and Small Group Coaching

The club also has experienced and certified coaches who offer private coaching and small group coaching (2-4 students) for our Members only. If you are looking for training that is much more specialized and focused to your needs, then this is the perfect opportunity for you at our private facility.

Hourly rates for each coach range from $30 to $65 per hour and are scheduled at times during the day that avoid conflict with open play times.

Email the club to arrange for private individual or small group coaching.